Summer is here…

With summer comes all the summer parties for the kids at daycare, school and activities.. And this year it’s a bit sad since we are leaving!

Yesterday was the summer party at my work. I work at a school with after school activities. And the kids had made an awesome show for all the parents! I started to cry so hard that I had to leave the room!!! It was just so many feelings connected to that show, coz in one way I don’t want to leave these awesome kids! But on the other side I need to so my kids can have a closer relationship with me. But the last two years have been awesome and I feel I have truly been blessed to get to know so many wonderful kids and parents. They will always keep a special part of my heart ❤️


So today it was Lily and Leon’s turn to have a summer party at daycare ☺️ it was super fun to hear all the songs they have been practicing! And we ate good food and even won some nice prices for mummy to pamper herself on the lottery 😍 also super nice to share this afternoon with my mum and sister, the kids loved having them there too 👍


And tomorrow it is Lara’s turn to have a summer party with her school class. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the month. But I’m very happy that we are creating some great memories now. And we will of course keep in touch with those closest to our hearts ❤️

Also in love with my new hair!! I actually stopped by the hairdresser with a flower this afternoon coz I’m so grateful that she helped me fulfill my dream ☺️🙏



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