Growing your own self

So I saw this pic today that screamed to me: “This is me! This is what I feel!” But then I realized this is not what I am or what I do. This is the pic.

So how can I get to be this and do this? Then these questions came up:
Who do I intent to be?
What do I want to become?
How can I get where I want to be?
What are my core values?

I decided these are the questions I need to work with. And I’m going to work in depth on them. I don’t want to find a quick solution to these questions. I want my authentic self to come forward and that will only happen if I go deep. I’m even considering making an appointment with my therapist, it’s been over three years since last time. Not sure yet, but I’m gonna keep these questions high on my agenda and spend time everyday to write about them in my diary to see where it takes me. I’m gonna find my answer this time. For sure. I’m not giving up on me ❤️

Peace, out!



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