Phone calls

This is how I generally feel about phone calls :

I don’t see myself as the person who love chatting for hours on the phone. And to my annoyance my mother is my opposite!

She can call me with absolutely no intention, just wanting to chat about the sun and the sea 😝 and usually I fade out…

And I don’t think I have the best memory, but my mom has non at all! She can call the next day to tell the story she told the day before with the same surprise in her voice when she finally comes to the key moment, the shocking story that has absolutely no point or meaning to me. Coz she is talking about people I have no clue who are or places I have never been.. And things that usually don’t interest me! So I try to let her go easily .. But sometimes it’s just: I’m done, let’s talk another day, bye! Click. 🙈

But then you have other phone calls.

Phone calls that are filled with laughter, common interest and deep conversations from B O T H callers 😉

And after I have moved out of the city and further away from the handful of people I trust, those phone calls are getting more important.

And when they happen they last for at least an hour and it’s leaving me with an energized feeling ✌️I love those type of phone calls! And even when we haven’t talked for a week or two, the friendship bond is right back where it was with that type of phone call ❤️

It’s strange to have this ambivalent feeling about phone calls, but I guess it just suits my already weird personality 😉

Oh I just did a personality test suggested by the beautiful woman behind ☺️ I think I need to make a blog post about that soon. But need to digest the information first, it gave me a lot and made me see my strengths and weaknesses in a new light… Very interesting 💫


Peace, out ✌️


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