Blogging 101

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline. Make your readers’ first impression a good one!

Hm… I don’t want to. My tittle has been with me for over a year on Instagram, and it’s me in so many ways.

Peaceful Yoga Mama.

It describes me. It tells what my world is all about.

I guess I could have tweaked it or made it more “fun”, but I can’t change it. It’s become a part of my identity.

A part of my path.

And the tag line “exploring the world” was just something with not much meaning or thought behind.

Today it means everything.

Coz that’s what I’m truly doing right now. I’m exploring the world and searching for Maria. I’m searching for that part of me who is not a mum. But the grown up individual with grown up needs and dreams. I’m exploring the world to find self acceptance, to find self love.

And on my path I’m exploring yoga and meditation. Peacefulness. Mindfulness. Love. Happiness.

So I’m staying with what I have, but are open for change if it one day feels like the right thing to do.

Peace, out ✌️💫



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