Eating out..


How can this , turn into this …………………


It’s just strange how a nice afternoon turns into a nightmare!! I surprised the kids with eating out today after school and daycare.. They have been nagging me for weeks to go to the local china restaurant to eat. So today I said “SURPRISE, we are going!” and they didn’t seem happy at all..

But I thought it would be nice, so I just ignored them and cheered them on!

Little did I know that their reaction was the start of a nightmare I have never experienced before….

As we sat down they started to complain that they didn’t have pancakes, weeeell HELLO! we are in a Chinese restaurant!! SO they went for burgers…

I grabbed them some juice, even though I had said they could only have water.. first mistake! The sugar kicked in fast!

So while they where waiting for their food, who took way to long according to the oldest monkey! (it took something like 12 min!) They played with some toys in the opposite corner from where I was sitting.  And they where arguing so loud it felt like they where beside me screaming in my ears!

My dad stopped by and went just as fast as he came. I guess me yelling at the kids, they screaming and fighting was not the happy welcome he thought he would have after being gone for four weeks… The monkeys didn’t even notice that he left.. so sad!

So when the food came my youngest monkey, which is 4 years old, wanted to bring two small toys to the table. I said okay so we could eat in peace… Then the oldest monkey, who actually turns 9 this month, had a huge tantrum fit!!!! She almost cried because the smallest monkey “destroyed” HER toy set up in the other corner!! O M G! Hers?? I told her quietly that these toys are not ours and that we are leaving as soon as were  done eating, so she didn’t need to worry about HER set up! She then took the position in the above picture….

I ate in silence. None of the monkeys managed to finish their plate coz they had too much juice! Note to self; never buy juice again.

We left as soon as I was done. Pledging to all of them in the car, that us going out on a restaurant will not happen again untill the monkeys are grown ups!! Well, at least not again this month 😛

As we drove home the youngest monkey understood that his threat (ice cream) would now be delayed untill tomorrow or any other day.. and then he had a hissy fit in the car. The middle monkey walked in the front door and asked what she could get for dinner!? and the oldest monkey ran into her room and slammed the door in her pre-ten ways!

So here I’m sitting, writing my frustration out, feeling like a lousy mom who can’t handle three monkeys out eating! And sadly I don’t remember if my own food was good or not, coz stressful eating has nothing to do with enjoying your food that’s for sure!

So tomorrow its veggie soup, and they will not try to complain about it, I dare them 😉


Peace, out!


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