My first car

Todays prompt is: Can you remember your first car.

I got my liscens long before I got my first car. I’m not even sure why I decided to get my licence, since I was no where close to being able to buy a car. It took a lot of extra work to pay for my licence, since I had to pay it all by myself. I have had to be more or less financially on my own since I was 16. So as I got my licence at the age of 20, that was more than enough. And my boyfriend at the time had a car so why would I need one 😉

But when I got pregnant with Lara in 2005 I decided I needed a car. It would be too much struggle to deal with a baby on my own if I had to relay on busses and such. So I went car shopping with my dad the summer of 2006. And I bought my first car and got my first car loan. I felt so grown up. Lara was around 7 months and I bought her a beautiful and fun car seat, it had black and white polka dots on the seat. I kept that seat for all my three children.


Leon rocking the seat 3 years ago ❤

The car was a 1996 Volkswagen Polo and it was white. I quickly named it: Ragnhild. It’s an old traditional norwegian name. I’m not sure where the name came from, but the car felt solid and very reliable, and just what we needed.

We had the car for almost three years before she bid us farewell. And to this date my oldest is still thinking about that car. And when we bought a new car this summer she begged me to buy a racecar just like “Ragnhild”. Not sure why she saw it as a racecar and I saw it as a solid and reliable car lol but since our household has grown we can no longer fit into a small car like “Ragnhild”.

‘But maybe one day when the monkeys are out of the house I can buy myself a small, fun car like “Ragnhild” again. I have by now owned four cars, and she was the best one to this date. After her no car has gotten a name in our household, she was special and we will always remember her!

This is how she looked like:



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