Prompt four; Perfect fall outing

Today its time for the 4th prompt found here  and its about the perfect fall outing.

We had a pretty perfect fall day today, but it didn’t include any outdoor activities. We made hot coco and waffles and enjoyed them together around the table with candlelight and small talk. After we played with Lego’s and watch cartoons while we had some candy. The kids only gets candy on Saturdays so that was a big thing.


But a perfect fall outing would be something we can all do together. That is how I love to spend our weekends, either inside or outside. My kids like to have some winding down time after a busy week, so usually they play in their room, watch a movie or just do some crafting in the living room. But I always plan for at least one activity that we all do together.

And it doesn’t need to be complicated, as long as we are together and are talking to each other and really pay attention to each other.

When we lived in Oslo we used to go out in the forest for walks when the kids where younger. It was a beautiful lake that I took them too, and we brough hotdogs and a barbecue and made a full day out of it.

After we moved here we havent been equally good at using the forest around us. But I guess it’s because the kids are now spending more time outside playing by them selves than they did in the big city. I needed to be more organized there than here.

Here the girls goes for play trips in a forest close by, and they have built a tree forest and meet other kids from the neighbourhood they can play with.

But it doesn’t mean we should stop our family outings! We are surrounded by small mountaintops where we now live, and they have trails that are marked, so its pretty easy to find the path. We have already conquered one this fall. It was fun and something completely new for the entire family.

We are now planning another trip soon, to a different mountain top. The kids want to bring hotdogs and hot coco, it sounds amazing and I hope we will be able to make it. But it all depends on the weather, I don’t feel comfortable taking them alone on a hike in rainy weather. If they slip and fall and maybe even hurt themselves I would be pretty scared. My youngest monkey is only 4 and they are  not used to hiking up mountain tops so we need to take precautions.

But that to me is a perfect fall outing! Me and my kids hiking around in the forest or on a mountain top! Brings us all together and out in the beautiful Norwegian nature ❤



6 thoughts on “Prompt four; Perfect fall outing

  1. Love that you give them down town. So important. I see so many children booked up with activities they rarely have time to just be. To play, explore, sit, read, be creative. Do whatever! I love to be out in nature too. Try to get my daughter out as much as I can. She is a teenager now though and doesn’t want to be out as much.


    1. I have limited activities for them, I think it’s so important to have some down time during the week as well as during the weekend. They also have very different needs, and this way they all get what they need. And I get to spend great quality time during the week as well as the weekends. It makes life as a single mum easier to keep a light schedule and lots of time for family/individual time. But as they get older I know they will be busy, just hoping they will remember our family time and take time for it then too ☺️❤️

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    1. Thank you ❤️ I always needed it as a child too and still do as an adult, so I have just naturally believed they do to. And so far it’s working well. I see a difference when they don’t get the down time they need individually. And my middle child need less than the other two, so she usually heads out to play with friends when the other two enjoy their quite time 👍☺️

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    1. Yes!! Some days are like an eternity, we had a couple of those last weekend 😝 this weekend has been good though, even though we have barely left the house since Friday ☺️💜


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