new beginning and motivation

Today I had my first therapy session in over 3 years. With a new psychologist.

It felt very scary last night, right now it feels very good.

I’m worn out though, but it feels good. Because I’m motivated. Motivated for change.


I was scared I wouldn’t be heard. I was scared I would not have a connection with my therapist. I was scared my story wasnt enough to get the help I feel I need.

But I was wrong.

We talked, I shared and she understood. I felt safe. And I felt safe enough to share my story. And I’m happy I did. And relived.


So now the process has started. Now I’m moving forward to heal, to make myself complete. To connect all the pieces together. To be a better role model for the kids as they grow older. To fulfill my own destiny, walk my path and feel good about all aspects of my life, not just a fragment.

Im ready! And life is ready for me to embrace it, one step at the time.

Today I took the first. And I see many more coming soon.

Feeling grateful today for life and all the support that I’m blessed to get when life can so easily be such a dark place for me. Today I see the light.

I embrace the light and one day it will fill up my life completely ❤



4 thoughts on “new beginning and motivation

    1. thank you ❤ must admit that my positivity is not a state i have all the time, but its nice to share it when its there. darkness is so easy to go into, so its important to me to share the light too ❤

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