How do you decorate with candles in your home?



Writing prompt on day 13 ๐Ÿ™‚

I just looooooooooove candles! I have them almost everywhere in my living room! I have even made my own chandelier over my dining table! And the way it shines at night in the dark is just amazing!

Every evening I light up candles as I sit down with the kids to watch their cartoons before bedtime. We turn down the light and enjoy the cozy feeling.

Candles is what made the fall my favorite season! Candles are still what makes the fall a great season.

For some time I felt sad about lightning candles, coz I connected them to romantic love. To the perfect love story.

To the love story I had.

And I felt is as weird to light candles just for myself.

So I had my candles as decoration for many years. Or I lit them when I had company over so I could share them.

But after I moved this summer candles are my pleasure at night.

It makes the end of the day good, no matter what has happened that day.

It gives my house a calm yellow romantic light, and what could possibly be sad or bad about that?

So for the first time in three years I’m enjoying my living room, with my candles lighted all over, by myself.

I give myself permission to enjoy it.

Coz candle lights are not about romantic love only, it’s also about enjoying life.

Enjoying myself.

Giving myself some beauty in life, something simple, but truly beautiful.

Almost like a fresh bouquet of flowers! I have always thought that had to be given to me too.

In a romantic way. But to go out and buy them for myself is even better.

Funny how all these gestures are combined with romantic love for me.. But I’m slowly seeing that this is just about appreciating life.

About giving myself some beauty in my life.

And I do deserve it.

Candle lights are making my living room to my little oasis these nights and I love it โค





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