Fathers day

is celebrated in Norway today and I always give my dad some attention on this day. But yesterday my oldest kid said this as we were driving past some advertisement for fathers day shopping:

“To me its not fathers day on Sunday its the second Mothers day! I’m always going to treat fathers day as your day mom and I will make a special card for you.”


I almost started to cry! Coz even though I always honor other single mums on this day, I do it on Facebook where she has no idea about what I’m doing. So this came from her heart. She makes me proud.

So today I’m celebrating my dad and myself for being there for my kids ❤

Happy fathers day to everyone out there even though you might not be celebrating it now!


6 thoughts on “Fathers day

  1. How beautiful. I know being both parents is a challenge. Even though my husband was there, he wasn’t there, if you know what I mean. So I raised my son single-handed and he knows it. We celebrate what we can and forget the rest. I’m so happy you have your Dad to honor …….. mine was a peach!

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