Failing… or is it failing?!

So I had to admit defeat today! I’m not able to deliver my assignment on time.. I have been working on it, but its far from ready. And I know I’m very last-minute.

But my head is not as it was, my concentration is not in place. And my mind go all over the place after only some minutes. So is this an excuse? I have had so many weeks to finish this thing.

But during the time I had, I quit school two times, I had three weeks of student teaching at a school, and I had a muscle cramp in my back. And on top of that I’m all over the place inside my head.

But next week is cleared!

After I have seen my doctor tomorrow I will spend the rest of the week to finish this thing so I can at least feel some peace during the Holidays!

Coz I also delay my oral math exam until the summer. As my head was spinning around with these assignments I realized I’m not capable to have an oral exam right now. I need to get my head back in place and use the next semester to study harder.

It’s hard to put myself first like this. And not just go with the flow and expect bad results. I’m not used to it at all.

But down the line I hope it’s the right choice. And that I will be feeling good about putting myself first, and allowing myself the time I need to finish with a good result.

So now I’m off the computer and heading out into the snow to have some playtime with my three monkeys! It will surly help me to not worry about any assignments, exams or pressure I keep putting on myself!

Peace, out!


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