Black Friday

So happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrate it ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ˜Š

I have always looked at Thanksgiving as a very lovely holiday. It seems to be very family oriented and the food looks amazing!

What I like is that it’s people coming together to give thanks. Coz we really don’t give enough gratitude in our everyday life. So it’s an holiday that I would love to celebrate. But it’s a part of the American history not the Norwegian. So it would be strange for me to celebrate it. I don’t feel it’s an holiday like Halloween that we can just adopt. It’s connected to the American history.

And with Thanksgiving you have Black Friday. And now Norway are promoting Black Friday. Why? It’s so unoriginal. It’s so wrong in my view.
Black Friday is connected with Thanksgiving. It doesn’t fit in in Norway.

I mean if the marketing people can’t find better sale pitches than to copy Black Friday I’m worried! Christmas is coming here in Norway too, there is enough pressure on gifts, why not have an Advent sale to kick of the Christmas shopping? Why copy something that is not connected to our traditions.

We have deep roots with Advent. And the first weekend in Advent city’s are lightning huge Christmas trees in the town centers, why not make it about that? Why make a sale pitch that is a copy? I understand it works very well in America. And I hope to experience it one day. Also the Thanksgiving dinner. I do have two kids that are half America , so it should be possible in one way or another..

But please leave Black Friday to where it belongs! Don’t just copy, be innovative!

And by the way, “black Friday” here last until Sunday night.. Not right!

Funny how something’s just rub the wrong way some days lol so happy Thanksgiving and now I’m getting ready for therapy and more studying ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŽˆ


2 thoughts on “Black Friday

    1. Me too, I have done all my shopping online this year, I just need a couple of craft stuff in the stores and I’m absolutely going to stay clear of the busy times! I don’t like crowds of people at all..


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