Blank document

Its snowing down outside, and the yard is white.

Just like my document.

And my assignment.


But my head on the other side is filled to the rim.

Its all chaos in there.

And sadly , my thoughts are not occupied with my assignment at all!

Its occupied with everything else.

And the white snow.

I love how the snow makes everything soft.


And clean.

Thats how I wish life was too.



and I guess clean..

Not that life is filthy, but its just messy, and chaotic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if life was bright, light and peaceful like this picture?

But it is though.

In small moments.

Lovable moments.

Moments that make people like me fight to get out of the darkness that sometimes swallows me hole.

So its time to get my blank document filled up with some moments of light and chaos.

Its time to dig into that chaotic mind of mine and let some of it out.

Its okay to let it out, coz it will be surrounded by light and acceptance.

Even if its not the best work I will ever deliver, it will be mine.

And it will be a step forward on my path.

A step towards peace within.



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