Christmas time

We had a quiet but very nice Christmas Eve. Here in Norway we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We open presents and eat a lovely Christmas dinner with lots and lots of food.

My girls had a great time with my grandparents, and I had a lovely time with my sick little boy. It was extra nice to go and get the girls in the evening, and we enjoyed opening the presents together.

Everyone got super happy about their gifts. And it was an relief after they have had several fits about their advent calendar during the days before Christmas. This year all three got one item they had asked for all fall, and Legos. Before Christmas they got practical stuff like skies and clothes, mostly second hand, so they didn’t need much practical stuff this year. But usually Im all for the practical stuff and not the toys.

All four of us also got some money. And they wanted to go out and buy more toys as soon as possible. But this year I said no. I told them the money would go into our vacation this summer. They have asked to go to a Zoo and amusement park in the south of Norway. And its really really expensive. But I have told them we can do that this year instead of Spain. They where fine with that. So I felt it was only right to add the money to the vacation budget. They protested first, but then I explained that we could almost get three weeks in Spain for 4 days at the amusement park and they then agreed to save the money! I told them I will also try to save enough so we can go to Spain a week in the fall for some sun and beach. They where happy about that and said the money could go to both vacations! They are funny, and have no idea how long money lasts lol but I am happy I got them around to save for a fun vacation instead of more toys! One step in the right direction 🙂






Now Im working on my new years resolutions. I really dont like them. And I always break them. So Im starting to think I would rather love making a plan for me and my kids. A plan where we get more active, get more healthy with food and spend less money.

I was talking to my oldest about this, and she just looked at me like I was crazy! When I told my middle one, Lily, she screamed YES!! and was really looking forward to eat more carrots! HER words lol But I feel we need a little change all of us, we are to comfy on our couch, on our laptops and with our snack and small gifts.

So Im going to make new house rules! Not New Year resolutions. Only new house rules. Rules that will make us closer and happier as a family!

L O V E bomb out to all of you and hope you are still enjoying your holidays ❤



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