Going to bed when the world wakes up..

It has occurred to me that I am on a very different time zone than most of the people I interact with here in the WP world. And on top of that I am also having a strange night rhythm myself.  Usually I go to bed at 10 ish, but now I am watching this show I found on Netflix in bed! So when I get to bed at 11 ish, I watch the show for an hour or two.. Not good when you have to wake up at 7 am!

I need my sleep. And to function in a more than okay way, I need around 8 hours. I am not getting that right now. So I am a grumpy troll.

And I love this WP world too, so I have my phone with me in bed, and I love responding to all comments I get. And I get so excited about stuff I want to write. Some nights I even get up to start a post, but I never end up finishing it. And in the morning the house is so busy I cant figure out what I was about to create.. so there are plenty unfinished blog posts saved on my computer.. Maybe I can use some of them on a rainy day..

And when I then get back to bed, I see all the new awesome posts posted in my reader! And I get wide awake again.. But usually I turn off and wriggle my way into some sleep. Its horrible. Coz by this time my head is spinning with thoughts. So I turn on the i Pad and my Netflix and watch some more. Knowing that the morning will be hell on earth.

But hopefully this will get better when we get back to our daily routines on Monday. Coz then I have to get up at 6 am, and there is no way I can survive a day on 4 or less hours sleep. So my body will most definitely stop this crazy routine soon.. I hope!

Today the kids slept inn til 10.30 am! And it feels great, but also like we have missed out on the day. Coz now we have to get everything we want to do into a shorter time frame! OH man this is such a catch 22 that I will never get out off…

Peace, out! We are off to the community swimming pool, this will be a “great” day since I love walking (or actually run) after kids in a swimming suit……

Have a great day ❤


9 thoughts on “Going to bed when the world wakes up..

  1. You are among a small group of my followers who are in a completely different (and not just in an hour) time zone so I get notifications all night long. Well, not ALL night but I get a few. Since my phone is always nearby- a habit that began with kids that weren’t at home and wanting to be able to be reached in case of emergency- I do hear those notifications. I’ve learned to ignore them- although it’s hard! I just smile and go back to sleep knowing that someone read my post. 🙂

    Good luck with your day! (Being a morning person, 10:30 does seem like the day is half gone to me.) Hope your day is okay- personally I’m looking at the snow and cold outside and it’s just one more reason I’m glad I’m not running after kids in a swimsuit today!! 🙂

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    1. Its the same for me 🙂 But I now love waking up to the notifications and comments. I try to put my phone on a shelf away from the bed, since I have had it in bed for many years now. But it gave me anxiety, so I have to have the sound off and have a bit away from me to be able to sleep. If I wake up during the night I usually use an hour to go back to sleep. To many thoughts! And Leon is always coming into my bed too. But lately we have made a deal about him staying in his bed during the night and it is working 🙂

      10.30 took a lot out of our day! But we had a great time in the swimming pool, even if it was way to crowded for my likings! Need to do it more often, coz the kids love it!

      Hope you are having an awesome day too ❤

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      1. Glad you had a great day! I spent mine preparing for my son’s graduation open house, which is today.

        Since I don’t like to socialize, am not on great terms with the guests and don’t feel good, I just want this day to be over!

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  2. I’ve abandoned all the “recommended sleep” advice and accepted that at best, I am getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. I’m ok with that, and often indulge in an afternoon nap. It’s true that as you age, you seem to need less sleep. But you can relax to know that somewhere between toddlers and retirement, you will get the sleep you are missing now. Cherish it. ☺

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    1. Before I got sick this last year I could deal with little sleep. After my depression flared up I just cant get enough. I some days have naps too, when the kids are at school and daycare. Not sure why I am so tired these days, but my therapist and doctor assures me it will be back to normal as I get better 🙂

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  3. I’m catching up Maria! (or trying to!). I hope you had a great day at the pool. And I stopped answering comments at night, I wait until the morning because I couldn’t function very well after a few weeks of craziness 🙂


    1. I try to answer them in the morning now, or late at night like now 😉

      Swimming was surprisingly fun, the pool was packed! But we enjoyed our time and stayed an hour and half, usually we only stay 45 minutes!

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