Quiet Sunday

Today has been a pretty ordinary day. I stayed up until 3 am last night an watched the last two episodes of the Bible. I cried. And I got confused. But most of all I know that religion in its traditional form is not for me. I need to be free and without limits to feel and think and do. That does not mean I think i am free to hurt anyone. I do follow the same rules of society and moral that others do. The golden rule is the best way to put a label on my acting and thinking, if there is need for a label.

So back to today… We stayed home. I cleaned the house while the kids went out playing. They stayed out for over three hours today, so good for me and them 😝 Got rid of Christmas and ready for the first week of the new year. Really getting excited about this year. Going back to school tomorrow so looked at my math schedule. It looks fine actually, I think I can manage this semester without a breakdown. But you never know I guess…

Decided to pack away some of my decorations. My oldest got upset because I packed away several of our Buddhas. I think she feel it’s her connection to Thailand. But we still have a few out, I just needed some space. I created my gratitude jar, some decoration with shells and drift wood, and finally got some light in my shell lamp. I bought it in Chile 9 years ago, and I still love it!




I’m doing a yoga challenge on Instagram again, it’s good to be back on my mat! So now I just need to keep my practice going. And not give up, I also want to expand my knowledge about yoga. And today while cleaning I found a book in one of my book shelves about yoga. A gift I got many years ago. So I am going to read it now. Finally. Perfect time for everything I guess.

And I ended the day fixing Lara’s messy hair. She is now 9 years old and have still not understood that her hair will be a mess if she doesn’t brush it everyday. She develops dreadlocks over night if she doesn’t brush it. So we gave it a go, and I ended up thinning it out a lot! But it’s still long and it still looks full and beautiful 🙂

If I took away this much I would be bald though!

Now I’m just sitting here in the dark enjoying a quiet night, some candle lights and a cup of tea. I feel my anxiety is raising, coz tomorrow the holiday bubble will burst and I need to deal with real life again. I have so much to get sorted over the next couple of weeks. Financially matters. I hate it. And it will most likely kick me hard. But I’m going to do my best to stand in it and fight through it. It’s the best for my kids. And me.

Sunday blessings to all of you ❤️



3 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday

    1. I love it too! And I have this heath pump on the opposite wall, so its blowing at the lamp and its making this very soothing sound… Just love it ❤ Reminds me of my time in Thailand when I lived in a little hut in the jungle with a shell wind chime on the porch.. Those were peaceful days..

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