152 followers, THANK YOU!


Yesterday as I crept to bed I had a sneak peak on my blog, and I was astonished to see that I had 150 followers! And this morning 2 more had joined in!

WOW! When I first started this blog I never thought about reaching out to so many people. I thought most of my followers would be friends that don’t necessarily read the blog, but just supported out of love.

Today there are many out there in the real world, 152 of you, that are following! And also commenting, supporting, and liking my posts! Its amazing, and I love the interaction.

Some comments have helped me get through some really dark moments, or just given me advice on life in general. Others have made me cry my heart out. And some also make me smile and give me a positive outlook on the world. Hope. And I must admit that some have also made me laugh out loud of pure happiness!

Thank Y O U for being around. I truly appreciate it! And I will always stay true to my heart when blogging ❤


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