I might be a bit absent now. My grand aunt is in hospital and is getting checked up for cancer. She originally went to the hospital before Christmas because of an infection in her leg and have been there now for 4 weeks. She had surgery yesterday because of her wound and the infection. During her CT they caught something that seemed to be cancer in her liver.

She is not and old lady, only 67. But her health has been bad over the last decade and she lost her husband to cancer some years ago.

My dad is her primary contact person, but when he is away its my job. And he is currently in Spain and going to Chile at the end of the month. He might need to get home instead..

It was hard to come for a regular visit today and then hear about the cancer possibility. I sat with her for 3 hours waiting for the doctor. But I had to leave before he came since I have no one who can help me picking up the kids.

But I promised her to come back tomorrow. She is so alone. And so tired. She told me so many times today that she has had enough. It breaks my heart. And she told me her biggest dream was to get better so she could travel with my dad to Spain. I pray her wish will come true ❤

She is also dealing with depression and mental issues, so we had a nice chat about my problems. It was nice to get her support.

My appointment with my therapist went well today. We are getting somewhere, and next week I will get some kind of a treatment plan. Excited.

So that’s life at the moment, dark and depressing. But its family and I will manage to stay focused and give her my love and time for as long as she wants it ❤


6 thoughts on “Absent

  1. Reblogged this on Marilyn Munrow and commented:
    Its always very hard when a family member is affected by cancer, but keep your chin up sugar, its not always as bad as it seems. Praying for you and your aunt. xxx


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