Rays of hope

Rays of sun.

Rays of light.

Today I woke up with rays of hope in my heart.

Nothing has truly changed.

I just felt hopeful.

The moon was shining so bright through my bedroom window last night. So before I laid down to sleep I asked the moon to clear away my negative feeling. To replace it all with hope.

Strange to some.

Good to me.

I had some really vivid dreams also.

Not happy dreams.

Dreams of my first boyfriend leaving me in his parents house.

But in the dream I got upset about his lack of understanding.

I felt like he judged me wrongly.

I felt that he left me, but at the same time it wasn’t me.

Coz he truly didn’t know me.

And I woke up with this feeling of hope.

The feeling that some people really don’t know me.

And that’s why they are not in my life.

Or why they don’t understand me.

The true me is hidden.

And to some that might be wrong.

Or even bad.

But right now, that is good for me.

Coz I am about to discover the true me.

Coz truly I don’t know the true me either.

But this dream gave me hope about meeting her.

To be her.

And that is truly a feeling of hope I want to know.


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