When life gets a bit chaotic I redecorate my home.

In the past I moved houses.

Now I just rearrange the furniture’s.

For some it might seem often, but to me it’s no pattern.

I just do it when I feel the need for some physical change in my home.

I get to clean every corner of the house and I get to throw out lots of junk.

A win-win situation.

And very grounding.

This is how our living-room looks like now 🙂     

Two days ago this little kitty came to our house.  

It was so sweet and the kids fell in love with her straight away.

We cuddled her yesterday, fed her and gave her some warm blankets.

Very grounding.

Today she was gone.

And my oldest was so sad.

She is allergic to cats, so its impossible for us to have one.

But it was amazing to see how all of my kids enjoyed playing and cuddling with her.

I dream of a dog, one of those small ones with real hair.

One that she will not react to.

But they are soooo expensive!

I might ask my dad to borrow me the money….

The kids would love to have a pet.

And so would I.

Today I also got an email from the kids grandmother.

She loved the pictures.

And she wrote that she always thought about the kids as her grandchildren.

She is living in Nebraska.

It must be so strange for her to have two grandchildren here in Norway, two kids she have never seen in real life.

She has five grandchildren here in Norway.

But the other three she has met in real life several times.

Hopefully we can all meet up one day in the future.

No words from my ex.

I’m not surprised.

Either it was too much to handle or it didn’t make an impact at all.

He might even have changed his email address.

At least I tried.

And now the ball is in his corner.

I will for sure continue to send grandma pics.

She was so happy for the offer.

And I am happy I offered.


15 thoughts on “Grounding 

      1. You are hanging around with the wrong people then… Remember you are on a new path… find those who say good things to you…

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Your house look incredible! 🙂
    And I’m glad grandma really appreciated the pictures!!

    And men are slow, give the guy some time… And if he doesn’t reply, his loss!! 🙂
    Big hug!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He actually responded too! Very grateful. And threw me out of my loop a bit.. BUt happy I sent them, and will send more soon. I just wont start talking with him. That will mess up my head for sure! hugs xoxoxoxox

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Talked a lot with his ex-wife the other night, and I peaked into some old emails from him and realized why I left him 😉 So the urge of rekindling is completely gone! But will be sending him pics of the kids every now and then, for their sake 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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