Green healing ~ heart healing

As some of you know I am a very spiritual person.

I have taken several healing classes and even though I don’t practice it much,it is in me.

I can feel it.

And today after my work out I did some easy yoga in the shower, practicing back bends, and meditation.

And then the color green appeared to me.

And I thought about it.

I have been wearing green all week.

Green shoes, green scarves, green shirts.. All green.

Every day.

Even though I usually go for black to cover myself, to hide.

So during my meditation I learned that my soul had been preparing for yesterdays attack.

Healing me and helping me to stay strong through it.

Helping me to see that this is not about me, it’s about the other person.

I am protected.

I am safe.

And for the first time in many years I feel connected to AA Raphael again.

I feel I need to heal myself.

And with the urge to heal I also feel like spending more time out in nature, eat more greens and try to live a healthy lifestyle.

I guess it was connected to why I felt like working out today 😉

Life is precious, and I am no professional healer.

All I have is me, and my path.

My path towards a healed heart.

Green is also the color for the chakra heart.

And on my path I am discovering myself, and the people around me too.

Some bonds grow tighter and stronger, some weakens, and some are forever broken.

Its life.

And I am fine with it.


3 thoughts on “Green healing ~ heart healing

    1. I used to have everything green many years ago, then everything turned purple. Over the last couple of years it has been turquoise, now I am moving toward green again 🙂 Love colors and their energy! And you are right! I never left the path, it was all in my mind! THank you ❤

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