Happy human being over here!

Today I delivered my first exam!

In good time!

I don’t care if I pass or not right now, coz I actually managed to do it.

I never believed in myself to do it.

I was sure I would have a mental breakdown and just give in!

And when I only slept 3 hours last night because of excessive stomach pain I was sure I was manifesting failure!

But I sat in my bed and just let the pain go through me.

I woke up an hour before the kids and just read my theory in bed before getting up.

Preparing for the final assignment to be done before Leon’s meeting.

I had no faith.

But I did it.

And Leon’s meeting went well!

The professional that had previously observed him at daycare had seen all the stuff I am worried about and she agreed with my action plan!

I am so happy!

A super duper happy human being exist right here!

And tomorrow I will dive into my math again, but right now I am just enjoying this moment of pure happiness.

Of pure pleasure of having exceeded my own expectations!

Go me!


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