Waiting for love.

Is it a game or a real wait?

I keep talking to P over at DotedOn about love and Mr. Right.

And I always get so excited about finding love and my prince.

But in reality I have no clue what I want.

So today as I was sharing some of my thoughts with her it dawn on me that I should really start to think this true.

What are the key elements I look for?

What is it that a man will find in me?


My children.

They are my key.

And because of them I don’t look for love.

And that is not a bad thing!


I just need to have my focus on them.

And in all honesty I think its hard for a stranger to come in as a step dad to three young children.

I think that it is too much to handle.

I might be wrong.

I might be on a strange planet where this is just a bucket of crazy thoughts to all you here on earth.

So then I am back to waiting.

Waiting for the kids to get older.

Waiting for my body to transform into the shape I want it to be (oh.. I forgot to mention that, but my body being “ugh” is also a reason why I can’t have love..)


I guess I can wait.

I have always been good at waiting.

So another decade of waiting will be accepted I guess.

I just hope that in the long run I will be able to share my older days with another adult human being, and not only my adult children..

Love should be everywhere.

And I have love for my kids and love from them.

So in some sense I have love everywhere.

And therefore I can wait until the right person comes along…..



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