devoted mom

So, I am A devoted mom. Yesterday I was at a meeting for my fourth grader. Usually in Norway you have the same teacher from the first grade until the fourth grade. So we were expecting to have new teachers from the fall when she enters fifth grade.

And usually they also mix up the class. I was kind of looking forward to this, since my kid has experience some girl fighting not physically but verbally. And therefore it would be nice for her to have things changed up.
But the school has decided that things will stay the same for fifth grade, without much explanation.

So at the meeting yesterday I address this, and felt we lack some information. And of course not all the parents agreed with me, but I didn’t expect that either. But one parent attacked me and told me that I was trying to force my opinion on to others. He was completely satisfied with having the same teachers, and the same classes.

I have worked at different schools, I am a teacher student so I know that changing the teachers because the parents wants to is not possible. And I told him that. My problem was not about the change it was about the lack of information.

The discussion got pretty heated, and I felt like he was looking down on me because he kept accusing me for wanting to change the teachers and push others to feel the same.

Usually I never speak my mind on meetings like this. But when accused and feeling that I lack information I have to speak up for myself.

I was pretty upset when I got home last night and felt like I was the hopeless one.

My kid is doing great at school. And as long as I am able to help her with her homework she will do great. But I know there are kids in her class struggling with how one particular teacher is teaching.

But we will survive this too!

Today I called her primary teacher and asked about the next year.

Because the information was given on a homework sheet while I was in the hospital, so I hadn’t been able to read it.

And she told me in addition that the school is trying out a new team layout. And that’s why they’re not changing teachers next year.
I believe that if that information had been on that sheet, there would have been no discussion last night at the meeting!

Sometimes a little extra information is all that you need.

So today I’m smiling, feeling calm, and also happy about being a devoted mom!



3 thoughts on “devoted mom

  1. How interesting that they keep the same teacher. That can be a good/bad thing for your child, depending on how each relates to one another. If my son, for example, had kept his kindergarten teacher, I would have pulled him out to home-school !! She was a nightmare. But, he was rescued by his first grade teacher, and began to love school. ❤️


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