Today is a perfect day to be thrown back in time.  
Five years ago I was lying on the operation table getting ready to meet my son.
After having both my girls I never believed I would have another child.

So when I found out I was pregnant with Leon I was in shock! His father and I had been not that close and we were drifting apart.

Even though I knew we were drifting apart I decided to keep the baby. But at the same time as I decided to keep the baby I also decided to have no more children. Because I knew at the depths of my heart that I would one day be alone with them, and I wanted to be able to take care of them the best I could. 

So today we are celebrating my little man. The final piece to my puzzle of life. 

I’m proud to be a mom to him, I am proud to see him grow up to be a great person with great possibilities in life. I am always going to support and love him no matter where his path in life is going and I will teach him to fill his heart with love and compassion.

Happy birthday Leon Sebastian you make your mommy proud every day❤️



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