7 weeks 

Update on my arm. Today it’s been seven weeks since I had my little home accident. And I have had progress!!   Not as much as I want to though, but I can now use my biceps a little bit and I’m feeling some movement in my triceps too. My wrist is still numb, and also my fingers. I can bend all of it, but I can not stretch or flex any of it.

My scar is beautiful healing. It’s almost invisible! I just wish the healing on the inside would go as fast as on the outside.


But I guess that’s a little bit how life is, you heal on the outside but the inside wounds take much longer!

I recently also got great news from my doctor, she has proceeded in our weight-loss plan and she has now applied for a weight-loss surgery for me. It’s about two years of waiting lists, so it will probably happen when I’m done in therapy. Which is pretty awesome! I will also have only one year left of my teacher education at that time. Just hope everything run smoothly forward now.

On the 20th this month I will have an x-ray and my first check up on my arm. Really looking forward to it and hoping for some great news. Great news must involve driving a car 😉

 Feeling rather positive these days! And even though we are spending every day at home on top of each other, energy are still high and positive ❤️


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