2/3 of my little man’s holiday is almost over. I was really scared that we would have a horrible time staying at home for three weeks.

But it has been better than expected! And today was the first time he really wanted to go back to daycare. So with one week left we will do fine!

Being unable to drive has really limited our exploring. It is very expensive when you live in the countryside to get anywhere with three kids! So this is the first time I have missed living in the big city where our options have been more and cheaper.

But instead of traveling we have bought a lot of fun activities to do at home. And today we are filling up our pool in the garden so hopefully there will be some sunny days were they can play outside in the water.

We have also been exploring one day each week. Yesterday we went to a play house, McDonald’s, playground and did some shopping on sale ☺️                         

Another activity we have discovered this summer is baking, the kids have been baking rolls, cupcakes, waffles and next they are going to try to make isva Pavlova! It feels good to have the house set with activities and also not feeling stressed about them using the kitchen, because they are now so old that they are capable of cleaning up after themselves!

A lot of it is done by the oldest, but she is doing a great job including the two younger ones.

On Monday I am going to the hospital and hopefully I will get the green light on driving around my neighborhood! I don’t want to go in to the city, but being able to drive to the store or the beach would be perfect for the rest of the holiday.

And when Leon goes back to daycare, the girls still have four weeks of holiday before school starts. Also my dad is going back to Spain then so it would be nice to be more independent❤️

Life is pretty good right now, I don’t feel any darkness around me. My money situation is what it is, my school is continuing in the fall. And even though my dad thinks I should get a boyfriend lol I don’t really miss it. I still struggle with my body acceptance even though I haven’t over-eaten or purged since Christmas! But I’m not exercising or losing any weight either, so it’s really just standby and that’s actually quite OK too. It’s only OK because it’s not giving me any stress, and I have a plan of starting walks when Leon goes back to daycare.

But it’s all about not stressing, because when I start to stress I start to over-eat and that leads into depression and anxiety and sadness. And that’s not a place I want to be right now!

Living life is not easy, but it’s all about being present and accept what it is for what it is ❤️

Hakuna matata ☺️


4 thoughts on “2/3

    1. Hahahaha I don’t bake with them, that would make me bat shit crazy 😂😂😂 I love cooking and baking alone, but could never do it with my kids or anyone else 🙈 oh… And I am not drive.. But I pushed my limit so I am driving to get my little man to daycare…😁

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