It has been a really busy week! And it kind of surprised me since I was looking for a quiet week of rest when the kids were back to school. But I guess that’s just how life is 😉


Lily had a great first day at school. She is so secure and ready so there’s nothing to worry about, but I worry a bit anyway! I guess it’s never easy to let your little girl go into the world.

Lara also had a great first day. For the first time she didn’t want me to follow her on her first day so she bicycle with a friend all by herself. I was so proud of her!

As mentioned yesterday Leon is still having some issues. But after today’s meeting I’m a bit more calm, because I see small improvements and I believe everyone wants what’s best for him.

My week personally has been very busy mentally. I have had to make some choices about my therapy on Monday and today on Wednesday I am not sure I made the right choice. Because today I was in an interview to be a sub teacher! And it kind of interferes with my therapy. So I just have to wait and see if I get some teaching or not before I maybe change my mind about therapy. I got really excited yesterday because a friend had recommended me to her boss and I didn’t expect that at all since the friendship is fresh and not very deep yet… But I am happy for all the blessings I can get of course 🙂

My arm is filled with pain!!! But I’m dealing. I keep reassuring myself that pain is healing and no pain is a dead arm.

So that’s it for now, not much exciting news from my corner of the world! But I do love every day life again, I’m a sucker for our routines 👌🏻


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