#WeekendCoffeeShare ☕️☕️

weekendcoffeeshareIf we were having coffee today I would serve it to you in my home. Despite the fact that I love coffee shops and going out of my house. Some days are just best spent at home, and this is one of them. I would serve you homemade sugar cookies and homemade fudge with the coffee and hopefully you would enjoy it even though its my first attempt on making both.

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that I don’t enjoy everyday life at the moment, and that I would escape in a minute if it was possible! Reading up to my exam just doesn’t fit with being a happy mum with three kids that are at an age where they love each other one minute and then try to kill each other the next! My voice level right now is so high and I hate it. I have talked to the kids about this too, but they are probably so used to my high pitch right now that they don’t understand that I have another level or tone …11th of December life will go back to normal for awhile!

If we were having coffee today I would l you I have been thinking a lot about friendships lately. Again. And I keep wondering if I am not the type of person people can consider a friend or even a girlfriend. I wonder if I smell. If I lack social skills. If I am too fat. Too poor. Too weird.. I dont know though…. But I have also tried to look back to my childhood, and I remember not wanting drama and stress. And I never trusted anyone. And I still don’t trust anyone that much.

Now I have been living in my hometown for almost 1 1/2 year and I have tried to bond. But it was not comfortable. I don’t dislike the girls I met, I just didn’t connect so I pulled myself out of possibilities of those bonds becoming friendships. I feel I have found one real friend here. But we never hang out, on the other hand we talk A LOT when we meet. We are both introverts, we are both feeling similar feelings about social situation. And it feels good to know someone that understands me. And we have an agreement on sharing some wine one day, maybe next summer 😉

Oh! by now you must be exhausted about my messy thoughts! I don’t even want to get into my thoughts about my love life! Is it possible to miss my ex after 4 years of no contact and after such a messy relationship? I wish not. But some stupid days I do…

Well having coffee with me are sometimes draining, but as you know I usually get through this stronger or wiser. Or none of the above, just trough.

If we were having coffee today I would tell you about this great challenge I saw today over at Army of Angels 🙂 And I think that it fits great into my plan about not going overboard this year with gifts. I have also been preparing the kids since summer that this year will be less toys and instead gifts that are activities and fun! I dont truly believe they understand that. And I have been planning a couple of gifts that they have been wanting for a long long time! I am also not going overboard  with gifts to my family. I am planning to give away jars of homemade cookies and a photo calendar of the kids for 2016. And since my dad, his girlfriend and my brother is spending Christmas at my house I am planning to shower them with great food, great snacks, great drinks and lots of hugs 😉 I’m super excited about having my first Christmas party with more people than my kids!

So as we are getting ready to part I would like to know how you are feeling about this time of year? Are you excited? Do you buy a lot of Christmas gifts? What about baking?

Hope to hear from you, and I’m already excited about our next coffee share ❤



9 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare ☕️☕️

  1. I’m an introvert, too, and I sometimes feel similarly about making friends and such. Maybe part of that is because when we’re younger and in school, we feel as though we have more friends than we do when we’re older and not forced into contact with so many people regularly. On the other hand, the 2 or 3 close friends I have are just the right amount.

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      1. I’m turning 40 in 2017 and I’m already worrying about the lack of people for a party 🙈 even though I plan to escape and travel by myself to celebrate! The mind is a curious thing to understand 🙃

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  2. I think that as introverts, small talk is actually a stressor. I watch people interacting a lot, and you know, they say the same things over and over again. I like to share hopes, dreams, ideas, how the world comes together and how others are blessed by our actions. I’m not so much interested in recipes, clothes, well anything that is without real heartfelt depth. I am so thankful for WordPress, where other introverts can be found easily.

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  3. I agree with the ladies above. I have a few old dear friends that truely know me and then I have casual day to day acquaintances. For we introverts, that’s enough. Enjoy your time with your children and on your own pursuits. Sounds like your life is pretty full as it is and if you need to chat, come hang out here!!😊

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