Day 104 of gratitude ❤️

12279219_10156192345300212_4336080945517999455_nToday I am so grateful for the few good people in my hometown that I dare to ask for help when I desperately need it! Lara is at a school ball today and she had a little dress crises while I was out with the two youngest at a Christmas gathering.

Luckily two amazing women I now call friends said yes to look after Lily and Leon so I could hurry home and try to fix the dress!

I am not great at sewing lol so hopefully the dress will last for the 2,5 hour she is having fun 😉

Today I am grateful for friendships ❤ And that I was brave enough to reach out to these amazing women and ask for the help I needed!

Now I am ready for a relaxing evening with a great crock pot meal and a good movie and some chocolate on top!



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