Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

If we were having coffee today I would honestly tell you that 2016 has started rather different than I thought it would! The first week was super intense, and all I managed to do was breathe and be.

I had a mini meltdown and almost left school, which is getting old! I have to stop acting like the world is tearing apart when I meet some resistance!  Should think I was good at reacting differently since my life is a long ride of resistance and hurdles! But I guess giving up what is really important is my way of punishing myself to believe that I don’t deserve anything in this world. But I managed to turn it all around, I managed to stay away from complete disaster, and instead I found a solution!

If we were having coffee today it would probably be at my house, since I am trying to get some study done! I would be in my pajamas with my messy hair bun trying to find some inspiration! And a coffee break with you would be healing to this soul ❤

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that last week was a better week than the previous one. But that all the celebrities that passed away in 2016 has really got me spooked. Cancer is scaring me A LOT! And I hate how it sneaks up and so easily takes a life away. I would tell you that is has really pushed me to think about my health a lot. Not only weight. But other issues I need to look into too. So this year I will have a real check up, from the inside to the outside. And I am doing great with food, but still have a long way to go. But it is working. I am down some kilos and it is an inspiration! I have also made an appointment for Leon because he have a mole on his back that has grown and are getting a bit puffy. Better sound than sorry 😉

If we were having coffee now, I would have been serving you banana pancakes just because I crave something sweet and are trying my best to stay away from chocolate. I would also tell you how amazing it was to be back at work this last week. It is truly the place I find a lot of inspiration and peace. And it was nice to be back since I know that the next couple of weeks I have to turn offers down due to other obligations. But hopefully they will need me again when I am done with school and doctor check ups in a couple of weeks!

I just love having coffee with you again, it gives me healing to look back at the week and actually see that overall it has been a good week. I managed to stay a float. I managed to be inspired. I managed to enjoy some time with my kids too. And hopefully we can all get our skiing gear ready next week so we can enjoy the beautiful winter weather together in the slopes. I am by far a winter person as you already know 😉 But this place are amazing and I just need to enjoy it, and I know my kids always get so happy when I join them outside having fun! So that’s my goal for next weekend! The whole experience with the outside fire place, hot dogs, hot cocoa and ski’s!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

    1. Thank you! I am getting better at handling my problems, and it feels good to know that its not impossible to change 🙂 I agree with you on the snow! The only reason why I will go out in the snow is the joy on my kids face ❤

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      1. Put your trust in him and your worries will lessen. We often don’t know or understand his plans. Surviving a hassle will made a person of you. Look around you and you will find someone who has more problems than you.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a time of it lately. I’ve found that my anxiety and depression have slowly built up again, and suddenly January became a difficult month. But I bought some new yoga pants and sneakers this week, and tomorrow starts a new week that can be better.

    (P.S.—Love the Calvin and Hobbes. They’re some of my favorites.)

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    1. My anxiety and depression crept up on me that first week too! Last week I was busy enough to not let it get a grip on me, but I feel the unbalance still and I dont like it. Luckily I start group therapy in February and now I finally have set everything up so I dont need to delay it one more time! I feel that I need to get it going, or else I will probably fall back into the darkness sooner than later.. Im really looking forward to have some mental tools to deal better with this, at least I am not using food any more. But some days I wish I dared, just to get the pain or sadness away for a food high. But I staying strong and eating bananas and grapes instead 😛 NEW YOGA pants sounds like a great treat though! And sneakers too, my dad are getting me some new ones for my birthday in march 😀 Im so excited! Sending you lots of love and light and hope the anxiety and depression doesnt get worse. Its a lot of horrible stuff happening, but we need to find that little light in the here and now. Hopefully it will help us both through ❤ Calvin and Hobbes have some great life lessons, just love them!! xoxoxox


  2. Hooray for your victorious week! (Even if it didn’t seem like it at first) Enjoy the snow. We had some flurries here today but no accumulation thanks goodness- I am most definitely a summer girl!😊

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    1. Thank you, looking back is such a great way to see the lessons that always are there, but that I rarely love at the moment lol I have always been a summer girl too, but I am transition into a seasonal girl, I have just learned to LOVE the change from one season to another. But summer is still my favorite season even though I enjoy the others more and more ❤

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  3. I love your weekend coffee shares! The snow is beautiful. We don’t get much here, and when it does snow, it seems the whole town stops working. Keeping up studies is no easy task….I always thought that my degree showed more about perseverance than knowledge. Sending positive thoughts for a positive week!😄

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    1. Thank you!!! We usually have a lot of snow every year, but the world still stops when the first snow falls lol so funny every year! This year we have a lot more than last year though and I just started to remember why I loved living in the city where we didn’t have the same amount as we do here. But the kids love it, so Im not complaining to much. And I love my house so spending home inside reading is not a bad thing at all 😉 I totally relate to your thoughts about studying! I actually had the same words coming from a coworker today! And she told me to just breath and stay with it, because I do so great in the classroom 😀 so happy to be encouraged, but it is hard to know how much more work i have left before I am done.. but I will do it, I just know I will. Hope you are having a great week too, you and your little ones certainly deserve it ❤


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