Weekly guidance 🔮

This weeks card is from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valetines tarot deck Arcangel Power Tarot card.

I just love this deck! And I feel such a deep connection to these cards. This weeks card is a major arcana card, which tells me that the energies this week are not small or low, and that they shouldn’t be dismissed. This week you can experience a real healing, a healing of a wound that you have carried with you for way to long! But it will not come easily, you have to compromise with yourself, but in the end it is worth it. The card have a green ground that shows me deep healing, and all the yellow flowers reminds me of spring, and a fresh start, or a new beginning. I see all the blue too, and it points me to our throat chakra, so remember to keep your words calm and honest this week. It will keep you in balance and help you see solutions where you never thought there would be any. Remember that you are safe, and that you deserve the best the world can offer you ❤

Have a blessed week,

Maria xoxoxox


This is from the booklet:


8 thoughts on “Weekly guidance 🔮

    1. sending you lots of love and healing thoughts my dear. i have read your blog posts and seen that you are not having the best of times. I can totally relate, but I believe it is about to change. Remember you deserve good, always ❤

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  1. I had a reading done once … years ago. The lady had me shuffle the cards then hand them back. She turned over one card and quit – said she would not continue. She later told me she had destroyed the deck; that the cards just “quit working” after I handled them.
    Though I could certainly use healing powers this week…

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    1. What a horrible lady! Sorry that you had such a bad experience! For me my tarot cards bring no evil or danger, they only bring healing and guidance. And what we choose to do with that is up to us ❤ Sending you a warm hug and hope you experience the healing you need ❤


      1. oh dear! I have never read any card that is evil/dangerous, and I have done many readings in the past with MANY different decks. She really must have had issues with her own energies and most likely wasnt a great reader at all! Some cards like “the death” or “the tower” might seem evil or dangerous if you dont know how to read the cards, because it most of all brings the energy of change and healing. Hope you havent carried that horrible experience with you! I feel so sad when people experience this, tarot cards and other cards are great guidance tools if you see them as tools and not life answers ❤ Oh man! i can just keep going, but will leave it with this 😉 Take care 🙂


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